Leadgate Area Partnership Meeting-Jan 2017

Here is an overview (not a full record)  of the Jan 2017 Leadgate Area Partnership meeting – minutes of the meeting will be shared in due course

There was a presenation by Vicky Rowell from Consett YMCA to introduce what they get involved in to support local area youngsters

They were involved in a sucessful funding application in 2010 and keen to explore working with Leadgate based youngsters again including working with the Partnership to look at making funding applications to support activities. They will be looking to visit and do an introduction at Leadgate Youth Club in due course.

Then there were the Counciler Reports from Alan Shields and Watt Sterling. New Road signage and speeding was mentioned and also details of “traffic audit” which is being carried out. Further information will be in the minutes

Then an update on Watling Woods project (Tesco Bags for Help £10k) with site meeting proposed for Feb 1st 2017. More updates will follow in due course

Finance was discussed and to enable fund raising the “running costs” of the Partnership will be confirmed so that a fund raising event can be arranged to hopefully cover these

Leadgate Taskforce reported they had held first meeting and set out their Aims for 2017. Minutes for the Taskforce meeting can be viewed here


There was also a discussion regarding looking at getting a Defibulator for the village via the British Heart Foundation. More needs to looked into including how many might be needed and also the possible use of old BT boxes for secure storage- thanks to the Councilers for making us aware of this. More details to follow

Noted that a Drop Session to meet local police and also Neighbourhood Warden has been arranged for Weds 25th Jan 3.30pm at Leadgate Community Centre to address concerns inclduing dog fouling, speeding and anti social behaviour

Martin Boyle also mentioned a related issue on dog fouling and damage to fences at Park Villas

Minutes of the meeting were taken by Andy Plant and subject to his commitments minutes will be shared when availableF55A0618_1


Leadgate Taskforce Aims for 2017

Leadgate Taskforce is A group of village folk looking to better the village environment through a series of self-help initiatives to tackle clean up and to rejuvenate any areas of the village that require attention

Here is an overview of our Aims for 2017

  1. Neighbourhood Co-Ordinators

To set up “Neighbourhood Co-Ordinators” to be a contact for a certain area/roads throughout the village

Volunteers needed and welcome

2. Leadgate XMAS 2017

To plan to site and purchase a XMAS Tree for the village including lights/decorations

To plan and hold a number of events including Tree light switch on, carol sing-along and hopefully a Santa parade similar the one held in Medomsley

Again any volunteers to help plan and take part in the events wanted and welcomed

3. Big Spring Clean 2017

To take part and involve as many residents as possible in the Big Spring Clean 2017 March/April dates to be confirmed

First Event a litter pick along the C2C cylce route in partnership with Sustrans North East

Second Event a village wide litter pick day with a planned “thank you” event

All help and support of these events is wanted and welcomed

4. Support Local Business

To support local business and traders by setting up a business directory. Then promote via various campaigns for people to Keep It/Shop local

5. Skills Exchange

To set up a way for people to “swap skills” more details to follow

For more information on the Taskforce

For more information on the Taskforce please have a look at the website and get involved on the Leadgate Taskforce Facebook Group. Please do get in contact and get involved